Travelling is great in so many ways! Seeing a new place for the first time, tasting the local food and feeling the culture is just part of the experience of travelling. Travelling – most often – also entails a lot of moving from place to place whether it be by bus, train, bike or by foot – but sometimes this is not entirely without risk. When you are new to a place it can be tricky business to figure out the city’s structure and flow. In London, some might be confused about cars driving on the left side of the road while in Amsterdam and Copenhagen you practically have to be a ninja if you don´t know what is bike lane and what is sidewalk.

Knowing this and being responsible for large groups of people on a daily basis, Gvidi, of course, puts first aid training at the very top of the agenda!

This is why we work with safety in many different ways. For instance:

  • First Aid training is a standard part of starting out as a new employee of Gvidi
  • First Aid Certificates are renewed every second year
  • All Gvidi guides always have a first aid kit on them at all times
  • The guides are informed about evacuation plans, where to find defibrillators and who to call in case of emergency

Gvidi wins Red Cross First Aid Award 2019

First Aid training is a natural part of the training within Gvidi and has been since the very beginning. Gvidi collaborates with Red Cros who is providing the first aid courses both for Gvidi and the mother company, BDP. In spring 2019, Gvidi was very proud and honoured to receive the Red Cross First Aid Award for their efforts within first aid training.

Amongst the nominated for the awards were both companies doing a professional effort but also regular people, who stepped in and performed first aid when their loved ones where in danger. When these cases where presented it became very obvious that indeed, not all heroes wear a cape!

For the awards, the wonderful Red Cross ambassador and Danish actor, Peter Mygind had made a video for the nominees.

Wants to put First Aid on the agenda in the industry

For Gvidi, winning Red Cross and Aleris-Hamlets First Aid award 2019 means an opportunity to inspire others within the industry to become more aware of safety in the future.

Being responsible for large groups of tourists is not without risk and as such Gvidi is very proud to be part of putting the spotlight on the subject of safety.

It is imperative that guests feel safe when they visit Copenhagen and there is a lot to be gained by making first aid training a standard part of educating guides so everyone is ensured safe travels!

Read more about the First Aid Award 2019 here.